How to Use Symbols to Save Trims in Adobe Illustrator

Symbols can be tremendously helpful to save trims and create trim libraries. They also make it very easy to update an item that is repeated multiple times within a document.

So, what is a Symbol? A symbol is an art object that can be reused in a document. The other symbols reused on the page are called instances, and they’re all linked to the original artwork. They can be created using vector or raster artwork, and symbols can save time and reduce file size. Continue reading “How to Use Symbols to Save Trims in Adobe Illustrator”

How to Create Interlocking Rings


Create interlocking rings

This quick tip was inspired by one of my Accessories students who wanted a quick and easy way to create interlocking rings.

Now, as some of you may know, there are lots of clip art libraries that you can purchase (or find for free on the internet or through a trend service) that contain different types of rings. But if you don’t have access to that or you need to create them on your own, this tutorial is for you!

Interlocking rings are simple to create using the Pathfinder Panel and the Shape Builder Tool in Illustrator. The Shape Builder Tool intuitively combines multiple objects to create one large object just by dragging across the areas you want to combine. Use this with the Pathfinder Panel, and you’ll have interlocking rings in no time!

Continue reading “How to Create Interlocking Rings”

Adobe Illustrator Pattern Swatch Tutorial

How to Save a Pattern Design into a Pattern Swatch in Adobe Illustrator

If you’ve ever wanted to save an illustrator pattern swatch into a new pattern swatch, you’ve probably noticed it doesn’t work. But there’s a way to get around this. In this adobe illustrator tutorial, I’ll show you how to save an existing pattern swatch into a new one using the Pattern Editor. This is a great little illustrator fashion hack for adding more fun and … Continue reading How to Save a Pattern Design into a Pattern Swatch in Adobe Illustrator

How to Use the Tilde Key in Adobe Illustrator with Fashion Sketches

Check out this week’s Two Minute Tuts video on YouTube! This week, you’ll learn how to use the Tilde key with the Scale, Rotate and Move tools to make a pattern bigger or smaller, change the direction of the grain or hide flaws when filling a sketch with a print. Plus, I’ll show you one extra quick tip that’s lots of fun! And you’ll learn … Continue reading How to Use the Tilde Key in Adobe Illustrator with Fashion Sketches

Illustrator CC2018 Updates for the Fashion Designer

It’s a new year and a new update to Adobe Creative Cloud. Illustrator CC2018 was actually released in October 2017, but like most of us, you probably have not had time to play around with all the new features.

Adobe always introduces a plethora of updates—some bigger, some smaller—but not all of them are always relevant to fashion or make a difference for our day-to-day design needs. So here are my top 3 picks for what you should check out in Adobe Illustrator CC 2018. Continue reading “Illustrator CC2018 Updates for the Fashion Designer”