How to Draw a Fashion Illustration with Illustrator

Raise your hand if you use Illustrator. 🙋🏾‍♀️

But how many of you use Adobe Illustrator to create fashion illustrations? It seems to make total sense, right? Illustrator . . . drawing illustrations. Totally!

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What’s So Important about Networking? Everything!

Recently, I made a video about my event, “From Pencil to Production”, coming up next week in Brooklyn, New York.

I was talking about why people should come, but I was also highlighting the importance of networking and my experience with building relationships and connecting, person-to-person with the right people.

Check out the video below:

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Are Fashion Schools Still Relevant?

So, I’ve heard this question come up a lot lately. Some bloggers have addressed it and, and it’s something I’ve been wondering about as well.

And as I move into another Fall semester at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York, the question lingers in the back of my mind. “Is design school still relevant?”

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New features that will make you LOVE Adobe Color!

Create, explore and save new color themes from various artists with Adobe Color.

Adobe Color is such an amazing tool, particularly for indie designers who may not have access to all the wonderful (but very expensive) color services that bigger companies may use.

If you’re not familiar with Adobe Color, it’s an online community where people can share color inspiration. And you can access Adobe Color online or right within any of the Adobe programs with the Adobe Color Themes panel.

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So, How DO I Create a Tech Pack?

In a previous post, I gave you a rundown of who needs to to use a tech pack, what a tech pack is, when they’re used, and why they’re so important. I also provided a great template that you can use to create your own tech pack.

But now that you know what a tech pack is for, the next question is usually, “So what goes into the tech pack? How do I create it?”

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